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Saving Jane - Chapter 1

The polished wood of the writing desk gleamed a satiny gleam at her from behind the glass and brass of the display case, as Alex peered at the treasures within.

The man behind the counter smiled. “You have a discerning eye. That’s a Georgian piece with its original finish, dating to about the 1790s. It’s really quite lovely.  Mahogany veneer, it looks like. Georgians loved veneer.”  He fitted a small brass key to a lock in the front of the desk, and opened the sloped lid to reveal an interior lined with green baize, fitted with a raised section at the top which held two small crystal containers. “This is the inkwell, with a cap on it for traveling, and this is a shaker for sand, to blot and dry the ink when you were finished writing to keep it from smearing. Oh and look!” He opened a small slot on the front and removed a pearl-handled penknife. “All that’s missing is the ink and some quill pens! It came to us just this past week. It’s an absolute GIFT at £200.”
Two hundred pounds for a little wooden writing desk. Despite her misgivings, Alex found herself reaching into her bag, pulling out her credit card, and handing it over to the smiling shop assistant. She couldn’t explain it – she just had to have it. After all, Alex told herself, over 3000 miles from her home and her fiancé, a birthday had to be marked with a special treat.

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Saving Jane - Prologue

Alexandra Barron stood discreetly behind a convenient bush as Harris Bigg-Wither took Jane Austen’s hands in his, knelt before her, and begged her to do him the honor of becoming his wife. She accepted, and the two went off to their respective families to be wished all the requisite joys incumbent upon such an occasion. Alexandra was left standing alone in the shrubbery, congratulating herself on a job well done.

It was an eligible match. Jane was poor but intelligent, and Harris was wealthy, and although he had a slight stammer, was reasonably well-looking, steady, and if not a wit… well, Jane had more than enough with for the both of them. The only thing he was lacking was the polish than only a wife can give to a gentleman.

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My project - Saving Jane

I have been working on this for more than a year, and I think I'm finally ready to start revealing it to the world. Also,having a deadline always keeps me motivated - if I plan on posting a chapter a week, I can't slack and not write. And I'd really like to publish this at some point.

So, without further ado, the project with the working title Saving Jane. If you like, feed back.

First post!

Found out there was a whole community I've been missing out on. Came on over.
Watch this space for musing, writing, the occasional fangirl squee, and other randomness.

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